Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Great Gadsby Theme

Our work Christmas Party was on last night
The venue was a restaurant called The Old Bank
So we decided to have The Great Gadsby Theme
I sent out to try and look completely different again this year
You might remember my Friday 13th Outfit last year
So blonde and short hair for this year
So many people didn't recognise me :)
A great old Baseballer. The fabric was like interfacing 
 My boss had a great outfit complete with blow up machine gun
 Me with some of the wives
  My "mad" workmate was Marilyn Munroe Blonde
 Other workmate looks like Tony Greigg
Best Dressed Lady - Because she had SO much happening
 Best Dressed Gentleman - check out the shoes
(I picked the Baseballer but he went missing)


  1. It's a great theme for a party, you all look great. Hope your head isn't too sore today.

  2. OMG Fee... you look stunning AND different. What a great FUN night to enjoy!
    Merry Christmas :)


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