Friday, 19 December 2014

A Granddaughter on the Way

My daughter and her partner (like many these days) have found out they are expecting a little girl.

She was very shy at the scan and wouldn't show her face. She was also very busy moving.
So Granny will have some sewing to get done over the Christmas Holidays


  1. Oh I hate finding out what it is...........don't tell me a name..........glad all is going well thought.......when is she due???? I've forgotten...........

  2. I think that's awesome Fee,hope Maddi is keeping well.xx

  3. That's lovely news. My granddaughter is due in 6 weeks - can't believe the time has gone so quickly.

  4. Of course she will need a pink quilt.....very exciting.

  5. Congrats Nanna... on a beautiful princess coming your way!
    Of course there will lots of "pink" spoiling... :)

  6. How exciting.....and now you know what colour to make things in.


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