Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bathurst Blog Meet Part 5

Now it wasn't all fun and games, I did do some sewing
This is the quilt for my sister using her Husband's shirts
I love all the pockets and logo pieces
 Then onto some Grandbaby sewing 
 A big burpie to start with
 Then a lot more using scraps of flannel and polar fleece
Even enough to leave some at Granny's house :)
 This was my favourite finish - My Rosalie Quinlan Merry Christmas Swag
Still have to attached the string
Merry is finished and thanks Simone for taking this crazy pic


  1. you got lots done................D will love the quilt..............

  2. Great projects Fiona. A really special quilt for your sister. Love the bunting.

  3. It was great having you as a table buddy too!
    Wonderful sewing projects completed over the weekend!
    Well done :)


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