Saturday, 29 March 2014

Catch up with Rosie

We were lucky enough to have Rosalie Quinlan and Under The Mulberry Tree come to Dubbo with CraftAlive.

So nice to catch up with Rosie and reminisce about the first GDITC.

Rosie showing us how to attach a Stitchery to a paint board.

Just a little bit of stitching. I was fortunate (unfortunate) to have a lady beside we that was just watching but wanted to know everything and how to do it cheaper. Also told me her life story and all her problems. Oh dear :(

Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Beginning

Sadly I deleted my blog Dragonfly-Crafts (by mistake) so no time to cry over spilt milk...
Time to create a new blog!!!
Say Hi if you are dropping in again or just found me.
(Luckily I keep all my posts so I've added posts from this year)

23/03/2014 - Swap presents

We had a Make, Bake or Fake it swap for the GDITC, and this is what I made.

Jenny received my little mug bag. Hope it fits her big mug in it.

I also made another one for my friend Jenny. Loved the Paris fabric.

Couldn't cover the fabric with the stitchery so I put it onto a mug rug instead

19/03/2014 - The Project

Surprisingly this year I got a fair bit of stitching done on the day then ended up finishing it this week.

Time for the appliquéing and hexies.

We had a make,bake or fake it swap. This is what I received from Donna. Love her beautiful cards.

And just a couple of patterns were purchased. Can't wait to get started.

16/03/2014 - Girls Day In The Country 2014

Sunrise Friday Drive To Nundle

Morning Tea in Scone to catch up with Kylie & Raelee before heading off the Nundle with Cheryll & Shez

Met Kerri for the first time this year

And Bec came to town on Friday to catch up too. So nice to see some of our usual girls that couldn't make it this year :)

Took Jenny around town and she too loved Odgers & McClelland Exchange Store too.

Next was the Nundle Woollen Mills

Saturday our GDITC begins

Lynette Anderson's Sewing Bag pattern is lovely.

Jenny was eager to get started

I got lots done this year

Our tables looked beautiful as always.

My 7th Year at GDITC and my collection of Tea Cups I've received each year (except for the first year I think?)
To Be Continued...

08/03/2014 - Quick Project

I got home from work early the other day so started this quick little project.

Bit bigger than a mug rug so can be used as a placemat.

Love this little Stitchery

02/03/2014 - New Cushions

After two glorious days and nights of rain, it's stopped this morning just in time for me to take better photos of my delicious Flirt Cushions.

Left - Flirt by Sandy Gervais  Right - Ruby by Bonnie and Camille Charm Packs

It all started with this gorgeous Flirt Cushion Panel I bought last March from Craft Alive Fair
Inspired by all the lovely cushions I see on Pinterest

Again these cushions are for ME and I used everything in my sewing room
Even had to use some polar fleece as I ran out of wadding
Love the idea of Use What You Have

01/03/2014 - February - Where did you go?

Not much sewing was done in February but I was busy. Photo heavy.
New Glasses

Red Hot Summer Concert - Mudgee and it was very hot.

Suzi Quatro was awesome along with everyone else

I knew all her songs and sang along.

My girlfriend came from Sydney and my Sister-In-Law came too.

A rare photo of Hubby and I, although I need to stand on the esky.

A quick Motorbike ride to Molong for lunch, nice to get out on the road again.

Lots of time spent at the gym too

14/02/2014 - Happy Valentines Day

We don't buy each other gifts for this lovely day but it was nice to have Hubby home at lunchtime so we went to lunch.
So many great pictures on Facebook so I thought I'd share a couple that are very much US.
This is something Hubby would do if he had the time.

This is Definitely US and I'd much prefer our reality than expectations.

Now this is what technology has turned us into but at least we are still communicating

Happy Valentines Day to you All xx

06/02/2014 - Sewing For Me

Well I said 2014 was going to be a year of sewing for me!!!
This "Flirt" Cushion Panel is perfect for my Lounge Room.
Now to keep everyone off it.
Next I've finished my Stitchery for Fiona Ransley's Stitching Bag.

26/01/2014 - Australia Day 2014 & Stitchery Heaven

Happy Australia Day !!! Hope you enjoy the day doing all things Aussie and put your long weekend to good use xxx

The Christmas Holidays gave me some relaxing time to stitch.
I completed Anni Downs - The World As It Should Be stitchery. I will eventually turn this into a cushion cover.

I also completed this Gail Pan - Home Sweet Home stitchery.
This will become a wall hanging and I already have the perfect spot for it.

12/01/2014 - Final Holiday Sewing

I had a long list of sewing I wanted to get done while I was on my Christmas Holidays. Although I can't say I achieved everything on my list, I'm pleased to say I completed 11 Projects & 6 Stitcheries.
These are the final finishes today

Appropriate Cover for my 2014 Work Diary

Another Selvage Zipper Bag (Amy Butler Fabrics)

A super hero Library Bag for Koby

Phew!!! Now back to work tomorrow so sadly my sewing will quieten down now.

07/01/2014 - Some Selvage Sewing Today

I'm always admiring Susan's (ThimbleStitch) gorgeous sewing and her Selvage Bag is no exception.
I had saved some selvages ages ago and started to sort them out.

Putting pinks, purples and blues together with a Linen bottom to make up this gorgeous combination.

Complete with zipper charm as well.
Thank you Susan for your inspiration and additions to my ever-growing To-Do-List xx