Saturday, 29 March 2014

Catch up with Rosie

We were lucky enough to have Rosalie Quinlan and Under The Mulberry Tree come to Dubbo with CraftAlive.

So nice to catch up with Rosie and reminisce about the first GDITC.

Rosie showing us how to attach a Stitchery to a paint board.

Just a little bit of stitching. I was fortunate (unfortunate) to have a lady beside we that was just watching but wanted to know everything and how to do it cheaper. Also told me her life story and all her problems. Oh dear :(


  1. Were you star struck? Love the stitchery you're working on.

  2. Oh how exciting for you to catch up woth rosalie

  3. I found you Nice to have Rosalie in a town close to you. Love her project.

  4. lol I think she was booking in for the class when I was at the stand


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