Thursday, 27 March 2014

16/03/2014 - Girls Day In The Country 2014

Sunrise Friday Drive To Nundle

Morning Tea in Scone to catch up with Kylie & Raelee before heading off the Nundle with Cheryll & Shez

Met Kerri for the first time this year

And Bec came to town on Friday to catch up too. So nice to see some of our usual girls that couldn't make it this year :)

Took Jenny around town and she too loved Odgers & McClelland Exchange Store too.

Next was the Nundle Woollen Mills

Saturday our GDITC begins

Lynette Anderson's Sewing Bag pattern is lovely.

Jenny was eager to get started

I got lots done this year

Our tables looked beautiful as always.

My 7th Year at GDITC and my collection of Tea Cups I've received each year (except for the first year I think?)
To Be Continued...

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