Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Man Shed

Our recent Queens Birthday Long Weekend was not restful or relaxing, it was full on Construction of Hubby's man shed.  
Construction begins and I go up in the Scissor Lift for a Bird's Eye view.
Very scary as the machine moves a lot when it's up so high.
It's a slow process but two walls and guttering were completed
Hubby has taken some extra time off work to keep working on it.  This is the front where the roller door will go.
He is very excited although things haven't gone to plan and much slower process than first thought.
We have rain forecast for the Friday and the weekend so sadly it will take a lot longer to finish.


  1. Very exciting for your hubby to have his own shed. It will keep him occupied while you're sewing!

  2. what doesn't he want to work in the rain this weekend.............atleast he can see it is happening..................

    tried a few times and could read the word thingy........Do you need it on there???

  3. He won't know himself. I remember when we put our shed up. Fiddly jolly jigsaw that they are.

  4. Nice shed Fee.....mine loves his new one....


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