Monday, 13 April 2015

Maternity Photos

I had the honour of taking my Daughter & her Partner's Maternity Photos on the weekend.
Their Scan is only of her little feet because she was so naughty that day
Yes it's going to be a GIRL
One of my favourite photos
They're PINK !!!!

More photos at our Japanese Gardens
I think I will do her up a Photo Album for a keep sake


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  2. Just love them Fee I must do something like this xx

  3. Lovely photos Fiona. Life certainly won't be that calm and peaceful again for a while!

  4. What special photos. Simply beautiful x

  5. Gorgeous phots. I didn't know you were into photography. Oh! I just realised that I don't have you on the side of my blog but I can't find the button in yours to follow you. How do I join and follow your blog?

  6. Oh Fee those pics are so lovely and that would be a wonderful idea to do a photo album for them xx


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