Sunday, 26 April 2015

Jules Easter Time Swap - Received

Again Australia Post was late with my Easter Swap Parcel from Wendy
 Look at all my wonderful presents
E - Eyemask Cold                                                              T - Tweezers, Toenail Clippers
A - A Day in Paris Fabric                                                   I - Irresistible Truffles & Jelly Beans
S - Scented Wax Melts                                                      M - Moisturizing Gloves
T - Towel (Purple)                                                              E - Eye Mask for Sleeptime
E - Easter Mini Stichery
R - Real Fresh Water Pearl Chocker (Can you believe it - They are beautiful)


  1. wow such lovely gifts you have received Fee xx

  2. OOohhh nice "easter time" gifts. You can treat yourself all over again. lol


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