Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Retreat Sewing

Lots of sewing was done in between chatting, eating & walking
Christmas Hand Towels
Susan brought her little puppies to show us
Jenny whipped up her own Dave the Dachshund
Now Dave just needs some eyes and stuffing

Jenny was on fire and finished her Lynette Anderson Christmas Stitchery
I couldn't wait to make this Christmas Table Centre for myself.
Thanks to Susan and Trish for their tips
Last project for a few Gail Pan Christmas Decorations


  1. Poor Dave, I hope Jenny finds time to stuff him so. You were so productive on the weekend. The table topper looks great.

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend ....and were even productive.

  3. I think you're get the prize for the most finishes. You had a very productive weekend.

  4. Your table centre looks great. You did very well to get so much done. Think I will take some smaller projects next year. it very satisfying finishing things.


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