Sunday, 22 March 2015

Girls Day In The Country 2015

A fantastic day has been had by all.
Another beautiful project by Lynette Anderson that I'm sure many of us will finish again this year.
We were so lucky to be on the CHERYL, SHERYL, CHERYLL Table !!!!

The hall was full to capacity again this year

A cute Cottage on the Hill mug for my GDITC Collectiom
Our Hexie Table Centre Project for this year

My selfie stick got a workout and even Lynette joined in. Check out the cheeky photobomber in the background 


  1. Lol great pics Fee it was an awesome day xx

  2. yes well you had to be really careful who you were talking too didn't you.......or just pic one name and use it for pics............

  3. Awesome weekend and a great place for a coffee on the way home. Thank you. Just need it and nice to meet James. We will have to do it again. Give me a hoy if you are down this way again. Would love to see you cheers Kez

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