Thursday, 23 October 2014

I'm going to be a GRANNY

My daughter is expecting, she is 12 weeks pregnant and her due date is the very cool 5/5/15 (if peanut arrives on time)
I will be known as Granny (like my Mum was to my kids) and James will be Grandad (aka GRUMPS) LOL!!! He is so a grumps :)
But I'm sure he will soften for sure.
Time to get sewing some baby things now :)


  1. Oh Fee how exciting ..... Get sewing girl......woo hoo

  2. That's awesome,congrats to all and love the name peanut,lol.xx

  3. Congratulations! And happy sewing!

  4. Such wonderful news Fiona. I hope your daughter keeps well. My grand-daughter is due 27 January. Haven't said anything on my blog or FB yet because Elizabeth had kept the news quiet until this week. Very exciting times.

  5. OMG your OLD.....hehehe........another cousin......yippee...........

  6. That's wonderful news, congratulations to all your family.


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