Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cushion Sewing

 I have been busy with some appliqueing.  These blocks will both turn into cushions.
 The photo below is of my Sister and Brother-in-Law (who died earlier this year) I'm in the process of making my sister a quilt using his old shirts. This t-shirt was a bit special as it's the last great photo of them and the photo was used at his funeral. As the t-shirt was quite plain, I chose not to cut it up but turn it into a cushion for my sister for her birthday.  It now sits pride of place on HIS chair in their lounge room.


  1. Very thoughtful gift Fee...your applique is lovely....

  2. Really lovely idea to sew the cushion and quilt for your sister. Your appliqué is looking good.

  3. lovely cushions.........and great to make that one for Dee........

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